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My Voice Matters is a non-profit movement that aims to give an Economic, Social, & Cultural voice to marginalized communities by creating innovative and engaging experiences that promote education alongside freedom of speech and expression.

02About Us

My Voice Matters was founded by young serial entrepreneur Thierry Lindor. As a young man, growing up in rough areas of Montreal, he came to the realizations that certain people’s voices was more powerful than others. MVM strongly supports given an economic voice to the voiceless via entrepreneurial conferences and events that promote the culture of entrepreneurship. The social aspect of MVM embraces the power of education and reading by financially compensating kids for reading books and later on providing them with a platform for expressing themselves via debate competitions on the subjects assimilated. Lastly, art is embraced, nourished and cultivated within marginalized community and later on sold to Corporations that value Diversity, Education and Inclusion.

03Our Events

We produce quality galvanizing events that are relevant to marginalized community but also geared towards millenials and the iGeneration. We focus on events that have a formula and objective to Inspire, Inform and Influence our audiences.

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