Influence Gen 2018

Influence Gen 2018


Following the success of Influence Orbis conferences Influence MTL and Influence
Toronto, the first edition of Influence Gen will take place on Saturday April 7th at the
John Molson School of Business – welcoming some 350 students and professionals from
the business world.

Thierry Lindor, entrepreneur with fifteen years under his belt, launched Influence Orbis
in 2017 with the first conference in the series featuring the heavy-hitter Gary Vaynerchuk.
"I have always been fascinated by the influence and impact of influencers on their
community. By creating Influence Orbis, I wanted to start a movement of nomadic
conferences that would allow young people, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs to learn
and be inspired by local and international influencers, "explains Thierry Lindor.

Influence Orbis offers a busy day of activities, conferences and panels that provide value
for entrepreneurs from different industries. For example, leading-edge FinTech
technology entrepreneurs, marketers, branding specialists will share their insights
through innovative roundtables and inspiring conferences. The event's two headliners
are Élisabeth Rioux, as well as international entrepreneur Casey Neistat, who will be
giving a public lecture for the first time in Montreal.

Interactive panels will feature local influencers such as Adam Greenberg, Ali Khadjavi,
Deloitte’s Pascal Ocean, Cirque du Soleil's Valerie Pisano, Dr. Bak Nguyen and many

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Location: Montreal, Qc
Date: April 7, 2018
Duration: 1 Day